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Life’s Journey is Our Story

We are all on an incredible journey together that we call life. The moments spent on this journey are sewn together to construct our life story.

Each of our stories will be unique. They will all have different twists and turns – times of happiness and times of tragedy, times of discovery and times of confusion, and times of meaning and times that feel meaningless. On this journey we will all find ourselves in search of purpose and a cause. We will all find ourselves looking for answers to life’s big questions, “why am I here” and “is there a God?” We will face obstacles that cause us to ask “why God?” and “why not God?” And in the end, after our story has been told, after the last page has been turned, we are sure to ask, “what now?”

It is our hope by sharing some of our stories that you will both be encouraged and challenged as you realize that your life story can be guided by the unseen author who loves us beyond what we can think or imagine. Rest assured, your life does have purpose and you can have the hope of heaven.


-Pastor Bobby Rife

We’re all stories, in the end.

Steven Moffat, Executive producer, Doctor Who and Sherlock